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Our strength我们的实力

  Company now infant clothing more than 600 pieces,Production line, production and export of clothing products are mainly exported to Europe and the United States, Russia, Japan and South Korea, the Middle East and other countries, the United States through the Gerber company...more >>

Professional design research and development

Have professional design team, provide free fabrics and finished product design, one-stop meet your needs

The standardization of production management

Perennial cooperation with many overseas businesses, for many years precipitation form the standardization of production and management, provides the high-quality service for you

Imported equipment

Introduction of the United States, bo auto cutting bed and Germany hanging tunnel automatic finishing equipment, to provide you with better and faster service

Warehousing logistics

Located in high-speed intersection area, the transportation is developed, a very mature export experience, one-stop service,No worries

Quality Assurance品质保障

With Europe, America and Japan and other overseas sales personnel specialized service platform

With the high quality matching factory(Fabirc factory,Washing factory,Goods factory etc.)Cooperation, one-stop considerate service

Production and processing生产加工

Rest assured quality, prompt delivery

In the economic and economic areas such as the integration of the new economic era
We carefully define and quantify the customer segment strategy, adjust the business model and re-set
the business process, to provide customers with exclusive personalized products and services

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Designed and developed设计研发

Professional fashion innovation

Clothing is the extension of the body, the design is the soul of clothing!
Is committed to working with approved design value of old and new partners hand in hand together,
Win-win cooperation, make China and the world influential clothing enterprises.

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